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A Giddy Potion. Picinisco, culture & tradition.

The magical ingredients;

One bear's claw, at least half a bottle of gensiana, a relic from the black Madonna di Canetto, one ciocara, (or traditional clog) twenty eaten and relished arrosticini skewers, a tablespoon of grated ram's horn, several glasses of cabernet or maturano, 12 fennel seeds, some ice from Monte della Meta and three drops of water from the River  Melfa (more than three is bad for your health) and finally a hair from the tail of a local mule.

Steps: Place all in the a cauldron, bring to the boil and stir (the best person to do the stirring is Luigi!!)

This must be done in the town piazza, accompanied by a local zamponare (bagpipe) player or a ciocarian country and western band performing alongside ciocciarian dancers wearing their brightly coloured traditional costumes.  


The result, in essence, is Picinisco.

Enjoy the potion and become inxtoicated by the power of its spell in a place where nature, tradition, religion and song unite in a common identity in a land hidden in the mosta of time...


A Giddy Potion. Picinisco, culture & tradition.



Posted By: Ben