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Vini taglio bordolesi and a lot lot more

The white roads of the valley are filled with small cantinas producing not only the doc Atina Rosso and Atina Cabernet, but also indigenous grapes have been reintroduced, part of a new trend in Italian wine making. Maturano, Pampanaro, Capolongo e Lecinate are now challenging the classic taglio bordelese doc wines.

The wine debates taking place all over Italy are also fervent in the Valle Di Comino. 

After 150 years and five generatin of cultivation, should the french grapes of the Cabernet Atina Doc be  be accepted as part of the heritage of italian wine or still considered, often negatively, as 'international'?

Vini taglio bordolesi and a lot lot more

Ageing in casks versus stainless steel vats or even cement? Does the Caberent Atina grown in the Valle di Comino really benefit from being aged in casks? What are the best methods to give true character to our wines? 

The replanting of the indigenous grape varieties in the area and the rise of organic, Bio dynamic and Orange wine are challenging the value of the cask ageing system of the more prestigious and traditional cantinas.

Vini taglio bordolesi and a lot lot more

Another joy to exploring the vineyards and cantinas of the Valle di Comino is their diversity, from the grand vaulted cantinas of high profile vineyards to the small 'garage' cellars. The methods also change from cantina to cantina: the contadina whose unwavering methods have been passed down from generation to generation, the classicists with their riservas and lines of wooden casks, the garages with their stainless steel tanks and the clinical laboratory atmosphere of some who are experimenting with new techniques and new grapes.

Vini taglio bordolesi and a lot lot more

The wine growers of the Valle di Comino are fiercely independent and have difficulty in joining together as a unit. Maybe what is needed is a fresh approach. The various wine growing areas of the Valle should be analysed and given an identity and the nuances of each mini terroir should be recognised.

Vini taglio bordolesi and a lot lot more

What is certain is that the wine of the Valle di Comino is in evolution. The area is beginning to believe in itself and there is a growing confidence. The next step is to demonstrate how passionate the wine growers of the Valle di Comino are about their art, how proud they are of the grapes they produce, how they respect the land that their wine is grown on and how they are transmitting this passion into their wine.

Vini taglio bordolesi and a lot lot more

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