15 February 2020


A mountain guide's guide to the mountain

Debora D’agostino a young mountain guide from the Valle di Comino describes the mountains around Picinsico.

You can explore the mountains and head out trekking with highly qualified guides who are passionate about these spectacular untouched mountains and can't wait to share their world with you.

(Photos below) Monte Forcellone at 2030 slm, chamois - Camoscio Appeninico at the summit of Monte Meta at 2242 slm

A mountain guide's guide to the mountain

Debora D'agostino's tale of the mountains.

"You are in Picinisco. From where you are on the terrace, leaving the valley behind you climb to 'Al Montano', as they say in local dialect.

Now stop and take a minute to look around. If you have strong legs and if you’re up for the challenge you can climb any of the peaks you can see. In front of you is the Forcellone, the undisputed master of the Valley with its imposing rock face and angular shapes.

You’ll also see the sheer spikey peaks of Toretta Paradiso which hide the grandeur of Monte Meta, where herds of mountain chamois amuse themselves by leaping and jumping across the three regions of the park.

A little further north you'll find the mountain pastures of Casalorda, Rocca Altiera and Monte Bellaveduta which protect the wonderful 'corridor' that connects us to Abruzzo: the Val Canneto.  




A mountain guide's guide to the mountain

If, however, you feel your legs aren't that strong. then look down below you.

You'll see the icy crystal clear waters of the river Melfa that have run through and shaped the valley over the centuries. The paths and trails that meander off from the river lead to hidden corners and enchanted places ready to be discovered.

You’ll find gigantic trees and miniature waterfalls, you’ll traverse ancient bridges and find fairytale woods

Now close your eyes, take a breath and listen to the water…

A mountain guide's guide to the mountain


A mountain guide's guide to the mountain