11 February 2020

serves 4

70-80g of beef per person

one small truffle

one porcini mushroom

two lemons

extra virgin olive oil

1 clove of garlic


Parmigiana Reggiana

salt and pepper


What my son would call a great salad!

TOP TIPS. keep the beef as cold as possible. Trim the beef and then cut into thin slices and place the slices of beef between two pieces of baking paper and beat with a ‘batti carne’ until they are fine.  


Drizzle or brush a little extra virgin olive oil over the surface of the cold plates you are going to serve the carpaccio. then season with salt and peppe. Now carefully cover the surface of each plate with the beaten pieces of beef. Brush over the meat a light citronette infused with a garlic clove (remove the garlic clove from the vinaigrette after about forty minutes).


Clean porcini mushroom and cut it finely into the smallest dice possible and place in a bowl season with a little salt and pepper add some finely chopped fresh parsley and add little vinaigrette.


Make some shavings of parmigiana reggiana with a vegetable peeler and then place them in a pile and chop them into very small pieces wth a sharp kife. Spoon both the mushrooms and the parmigiana reggiana over the meat. sprinkle over some freshly chopped parsley.


Clean a small truffle and then grate it on the finest part of the grater over the plates. Drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil, season with freshly ground black pepper and salt over the top and serve.