11 February 2020


Davide Gargaro - A story of transhumance

Tradition as a way forward for a better future.

Davide Gargaro, friend and mentor of the Comino Valley, has a great passion for the Valley di Comino and is the fourth generatio of a family of breeders. Closely following the teachings of his grandparents, his herd grazes freely in freedom on the pastures of ther Central Apennines, moving from mountain to mountain between 1000 to 2000 s.l.m. They move from one part of the valley to the next following the rhythm of the seasons, practising the ancient technique of 'transhumance'. During the summer months the herd graze on the highest mountain pastures of Settefrati, then in late Autumn they are moved across the Valle di Comino to the lower grazing grounds of the mountians around Atina, for the winter. 

Davide Gargaro - A story of transhumance

His livestock live according to the laws of nature without man's intervention. Each mother, within the herd teaches her calves the secrets for survival, where the best grass is and how to sent the dangers such as an oncoming storms or snow. this is how the herds have survived and flourish in the mountians for generations.

Davide Gargaro - A story of transhumance

The drover and his herd are in harmony with nature. They live respecting that enchanted silence which is the deep breath of the mountain.

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In the mountains above Settefrati and Atina

Posted By: Davide Gargaro