This land, with the help of the people who care for it, produces ingredients that are full of flavour and of the highest possible quality.

I was drawn to Italy twenty-five years ago, and the Valle di Comino is the place that I keep coming back to. The farmers, shepherds and growers of the Valle di Comino understand that you can’t cheat the earth. For them, the Slow Food movement is not a fad but a way of life, inherited through centuries of know-how. They are my friends and co-conspirators in the food I make.
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Eating at Villa Inglese is a little different.

Villa Inglese features refined contemporary mountain cooking in a beautiful restored Belle Époque villa overlooking the spectacular Valle di Comino.
Our ever-changing menu is totally seasonal, inspired by what is sourced, foraged or brought to the restaurant door that day.
Dinner at Villa Inglese is a six course tasting menu, involving a few choices on your part, and some surprises we are excited to share with you as we celebrate the wonderful ingredients the mountain has to offer
Our six course tasting menu - €53,00

The Wine List

We have carefully searched for wine producers who are passionate about their art, are proud of the grapes they produce, respect the land that their wine is grown on and are able to transmit this passion into their wine.
We hope to have created a balance in our selection that pays homage to the great classical and historic cantinas but at the same time gives space to new modern concepts giving equal importance to small producers and their limited production.

About Ben Hirst

UK-born chef Ben Hirst has lived and worked in Italy for twenty-five years. It was his search for Italy’s finest ingredients that first brought him to the Valle di Comino.
He has worked in the kitchens of some of Europe’s greatest chefs, including the Michelin-starred restaurants of Fergus Henderson (St John’s, London), Pierre Koffman (La Tante Claire, London), Michel Rochedy (Le Chabichou, Courchevel, France), Gualtiero Marchesi (L’Albereta, Erbusco), and with Mary Paollilo at Enoteca Ferrara, winner of the Best Enoteca in Italia Gambero Rosso, in Rome.
Most recently, at cucinamusia, Ben fused fine-dining with a contemporary gallery experience. He co-created Necci, a popular neighbourhood bar and community hub in cool Roman suburb, Pigneto, where almost everything was made in-house.
Ben’s menu focuses on the cuisine of central Italy, with an occasional modern British twist. He is a passionate advocate for nose-to-tail eating – a philosophy that shows maximum respect for the animal by letting nothing go to waste; for the Slow Food movement; and for a short, straight line from the producer to the plate.

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